Bookkeeping / Accounting for Business and Estates/Trusts

We are sensitive that a proper accounting system and reporting is a key pillar in all successful businesses, probate and trust administrations. We have a bookkeeper who is focused and efficient in handling routine tasks and who is a QuickBooksTM Certified Advisor. Once you become a client, we spend time with you to understand your needs and become deeply connected to your journey. As such, we share useful techniques you can confidently implement when using your financial records. Additionally, there are times while discussing financial matters when legal questions arise. In such cases, we can directly connect you to a legal professional of Crest Key. Our accounting and legal professionals demonstrate our holistic approach to assisting you. We are YOUR FIRST advisor.

Tax Planning and Preparation

We provide solutions with clear direction. We have a keen awareness of the issues surrounding tax planning and preparation for business and the need to go much further in our work than a simple reliance on basic accounting data. With a focus on the timing issues surrounding the recognition of income and expenses, guiding clients to prevent or minimize recognition of imputed income, deducting non-cash expenses and reporting of tax credits, we guide our clients toward an optimal and legal tax positions.

IRS inquiry and audit defense; Representation in US Tax Courts

Few if anyone can predict when the IRS will inquire about or audit your tax position(s). If the IRS ever contacts you in this regard, we are here to protect you. We are CPAs and tax attorneys with years of experience in defending IRS inquiries and audits. When circumstances require, we will negotiate with the IRS toward the best solution for you. Where you are not able to agree with the IRS, then an appeal to the US Tax Court or Court of Claims may be appropriate. Our legal staff is admitted to practice before both courts. This advantage never exists in a run-of-the-mill CPA firm, and rarely in a law firm. Working with Crest Key you are connected to an integrated team of CPAs and legal staff to ensure there is no loss in translation at the various levels of assistance.