One call solves your probate or trust administration concerns.

Effectively resolved probate or trust administration also requires expert accounting and tax preparation. At Crest Key, we deliver on our promises and carry the legal, accounting, and tax burdens so you don’t have to worry. This combination of services is rarely provided in a law firm and never in an accounting firm.

Legal assistance alone will not solve the requirements of probate or trust administration.

Clients of Crest Key benefit from an attorney and a team of experienced CPAs in one office. We work seamlessly together to connect you to a unified and comprehensive solution that ensures there is no loss in translation among the professional disciplines. Our legal documents properly reflect accounting principles required by the law and effectuate IRS tax elections to lower taxes and avoid challenges from heirs or beneficiaries.

After a death of a family member, we compassionately help survivors sort and prioritize the perceived and actual demands from creditors, the IRS, and family members. Our goal is to efficiently and expeditiously wind-down the personal affairs of your loved one. Our solutions are explained in plain English and include managing family members’ expectations, negotiating with creditors, providing notices as required by law, gathering, valuing and inventorying property, accounting for all income, expenses and distributions, and managing various tax elections between the deceased’s last income tax return and the tax return for the estate or trust. In other words, we handle the complexities of estate administration at all levels, so survivors can attend to important family matters and adjusting priorities.

Probate of an estate is complex.

Here is a checklist to get you started addressing critical and immediate issues after the death of a loved one.


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