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US Income, Gift, and Estate Tax Planning

Have you considered differences in the tax schemes between Canada and the US that affect your US Property? One overriding concept must be understood. The US has three tax schemes (Income, Gift, and Estate) Canadians typically encounter, the determination of taxes due under each is different.

Life Planning for Times of Incapacity

Properly executed Nevada based Health Care Directive for your person, and Financial Power of Attorney for managing US based financial matters and property, go a long way in keeping you in control and minimizing legal fees, court costs, and hassles dealing with the US attorneys and court systems during times of incapacity.

Last Will and Testaments

Thoughts of possible death while purchasing property in the US is not typically at top of mind. Canadians are typically surprised at the legal fees, court costs, and delay of probate in Nevada. Surprises can occur where a Nevada court does not recognize a Canadian based Last Will and Testament

Probate in Nevada

Probate in Nevada achieves similar purposes in Canada; to wind down the financial affairs of the deceased, pay creditors and administration expenses, and clear title from the deceased’s name to living persons or entities. The major difference is the way Nevada law requires a probate to be handled..

* This website is owned by Crest Key Legal and Accounting Partners based in Las Vegas Nevada. It specifically addresses matters Canadians frequently experience when purchasing and while owning property in the United States, and specifically in Nevada.

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