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At Crest Key, we look after your business law requirements with focused understanding. Whether your concern is maintaining legally binding contracts, creating effective and compliant tax structures, or managing your real estate transactions, the team at Crest Key has the knowledge and experience to ensure the best possible outcomes are achieved. Having helped thousands of clients seamlessly administer the legal aspects of their business, we apply what we have learned and focus it on creating valued connections and long-lasting results for all of your legal matters.

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Are you thinking about organizing a business entity? While business organizations in Nevada provide asset protection, each operate differently under the laws of Nevada and the federal government. For example each distribute profits and compensation differently. You have significant choices to positively affect your life and your taxes. All that is missing is an advisor who will help you cut through the clutter and provide you clear answers.

Business survival and survivor continuity is our focus here. We help business owners plan for life changing events such as death, incapacity and others. Early planning, keeping owners informed and creating funding devices, will keep business thriving and departing owners or survivors take what is fair.

All businesses registered with the Nevada Secretary of State are required to have a registered agent. We serve as registered agent for domestic and foreign owned business entities.

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