Business Law Services

At Crest Key we look after your business law requirements with focused understanding. Whether your concern is maintaining legally binding contracts, creating effective and compliant tax structures or managing your real estate transactions, the team at Crest Key has the knowledge and experience to ensure the best possible outcomes are achieved. Having helped thousands of clients seamlessly administer the legal aspects of their business, we apply what we have learned and focus it on creating valued connections and long lasting results for all of your legal matters.

Entity Formation and Maintenance

Our advice is authentic and connected. We work exclusively with closely held businesses to customize their business structure to suit their personal lifestyles, estate plan, concern for exposure to taxes and liabilities, other involved persons and growth expectations. We recommend appropriate business structures, and once established, we provide back- office support to ensure the business maintains its status with governing agencies and with owners.

Contracts and Agreements

Where there are multiple persons involved in a business entity, everyone’s interests intersect and may conflict. Those interests may include, but are not limited to, return on investments, repayment of advanced amounts, how to address uncooperative owners, employment arrangements, sale of the business, compensation to individuals, a life changing event such as death or divorce of an owner, or simply negotiating a lease or purchase of property. No matter the issue, we understand business, so our proposed solutions will naturally account for practical effects upon profits and cash flow.