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The Secretary of State of Nevada (SOS) has made organizing a business entity easy, whether a corporation, a limited liability company, etc. The SOS provides bare minimum forms to get an entity registered. File the initial form (usually Articles of . . . ), file the initial list and pay the applicable fees and state business license and VOILA, the business entity exists. This is great for do-it-selfers. Here is a link to the Nevada SOS  https://www.nvsos.gov/sos. We wish you well and thank you for visiting our site. In the future, if you have any question, do not hesitate to call.

For those who want to structure their business entity to contain robust governance, protections, structure, business controls, facilitate estate planning and positive tax planning, we can help. We consider life style factors that will affect the structure of your business entity to meet your current needs and future expectations. For example, we will discuss with you the various ways to pay estimated income taxes, whether a payroll company assistance is appropriate, and if the purchase of medical insurance and/or retirement plan contributions are priorities. If explosive growth is forecasted in the first years of the business, structure the business to take advantages of sheltering capital gains from taxes. Finally, but not the only technique, we can discuss selecting a proper fiscal year to facilitate ease of tax reporting away from the entity’s busy season.

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