Personal Law Services

With 20 years experience in estate planning, wills and trusts, we have the knowledge to ensure you and your family are protected. We consult with you to determine your specific needs and concerns, and provide advice based on our extensive experience dealing with family-related matters. We deliver on our promises and carry the burden, so you don’t have to worry.

Estate Planning

We recognize estate planning is deeply personal for everyone, and as such, we gladly take the time to understand you. Our planning goes beyond traditional techniques. We consider the effects of mixed families, digital property, business ownership and avoiding unintentional felonies. Our experience in litigating trust and probate disputes gives us a unique perspective in drafting documents to mitigate common traps and reduce or eliminate potential future challenges so that your interests are protected now and in the future.

Learn how to begin creating your personalized estate plan visit our Estate Planning page.


Wealth Preservation

Wealth preservation is a multifaceted opportunity for all of our clients. We advise on everything from the very simple (claiming a homestead) to the very complex (such as third-party settled trusts) in wealth preservation techniques. Our advice always considers risk exposure, the various stages of outstanding liabilities and client tolerances, and lifestyle.

Probate Administration

After a death of a family member, we compassionately help survivors sort and prioritize the various perceived and actual demands from creditors, the IRS and other family members. Our goal is to timely and effectively wind-down the personal affairs of a loved one. Our solutions include managing family members’ expectations, negotiating with creditors, providing notices as required by law, marshalling property and managing various tax elections. In other words, we handle the complexities of estate administration so survivors can attend to important matters of family and adjusting priorities.

Learn how to address critical and immediate issues after the death of a loved one visit our Probate Administration page.

Accounting for Trusts and Estates

Imminently related to Probate/Trust Administration is accounting for property belonging to a loved one, payment of creditors, taxes and administration expenses, and eventually distributions to heirs/beneficiaries. This is where Crest Key seamlessly performs because we are uniquely positioned to apply legal and accounting acumen simultaneously (unlike many other law or accounting practices). Our team has legal experience and accounting expertise – so there is no loss in translation between both disciplines.

Healthcare Directives and Planning

We are tireless in our approach in assisting our clients to plan for inevitable life events, in order to ensure their wishes are honored in times of need. We help clients gain a realistic understanding of the emotional issues involved in healthcare planning, including addressing family dynamics, beliefs, and values. We deploy well thought-out techniques to ensure our clients’ decisions are enforced. One effective, and regularly deployed technique is to cause family members, who are expected to cause problems, to weigh their actions to the loss of future inheritance. Our ultimate aim is toward enforcing our clients’ healthcare decisions, and to keep them out of the mess of guardianship court, whenever possible.

Prenuptial Agreements

We provide clarity and vision to our clients seeking to protect their assets in cohabitation and prenuptial situations. We help clients realistically assess their concerns and then craft agreements addressing cases of divorce, separation and premature death, including the implementation of trusts designed to supplement and bolster any agreements.