Powers of Attorney – Healthcare and Financial

Typical Questions Asked to Determine if Powers of Attorney for Healthcare and Financial are recommended.

Who is to manage your Nevada property if you become incapacitated, or do you prefer the state of Nevada to decide for you?

Who is to decide medical decision for you if you become incapacitated while in the US, or do you prefer the state of Nevada to decide for you?

Do you have concerns about guardianship court proceedings and legal fees?

Designate Who You want to Decide for You when You cannot

If any of these questions concern you, you may want to consider planning with Nevada based powers of attorney. You can give someone you trust authority to manage your property and decide healthcare matters for you when you are incapacitated due to illness, injury, age, etc.

Inexpensive Preventative Measure to Avoid Guardianship

While you may never become incapacitated, healthcare and asset planning for your US property is the equivalent of an inexpensive insurance policy to protect you. Proper planning with US based financial powers over your property and for healthcare of your person are only a few hundred dollars and go a long way in helping avoid court hassles, costs and US attorney fees in times of need.

You Canadian Estate Plan and Powers of Attorney will not be voided

We understand you may have similar powers in place in Canada, and as such, we take special care not to revoke or otherwise negatively affect your planning. Our documents are drafted to cover only US property, and while you are in the US.

Connection To 24/7 Access to Your Healthcare Documents

If you are a real property owner in Nevada, we will also connect you to a service the state of Nevada provides where your healthcare documents are digitized and where the persons you trust can gain password protected access 24/7 from anywhere in the world. This service has no costs and there are no catches.

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