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Published On: October 31st, 2022|Categories: Estate and Trust Planning, Probate|

Hello, I’m Kirk Kaplan with Crest Key Legal and Accounting, and in this video, I will talk about trusted advisors and professionals that can help you and us while administering trust administrations and probate administrations. Just for ease I will refer both as administrations.

While you’re administering, you’re going to need assistance with getting valuations of property that we have to report to heirs or beneficiaries.

The way you do that is you have trusted advisors that can do appraisals of real property or appraise coins or jewelry or other valuable items that the deceased may have left behind. We have a number of people that we refer to commonly that help our clients in valuing those properties.

We also have other professionals such as handymen and other people who can work on cars to help vehicles repair them back to running order if need be for sale. We have a vast network of people we have worked with for many years. Additionally, we will ask you for feedback. Did they do the job that they promised? Were they truthful with you? Did they charge you a fair price?

Our vast network is one benefit of working with Crest Key Legal and Accounting. You team is always ready to help.

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